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Most entertainment agencies seem to operate on a fast-food drive-through model. You sample audio and video clips from the zillion-item Big Menu of Acts until you're cross-eyed, ear-dead, and muddled, but you push through and order something. Then the scratchy speaker voice tries to sell you the event equivalents of "fries," "a shake," or a "fried pie" before moving you through to the payment window.

Tim Jackson and Prime Time Entertainment come out of quite a different model. Working with Tim is more like having dinner with your favorite uncle, who runs a boutique-style neighborhood restaurant and loves everything about food, feeding, and seeing his customers enjoying their meals. "Tell me what you think you want tonight, and I'll see what I can do," he might say. "Or, if you have no clue, I have some pretty yummy suggestions that we should talk about." Chances are you reached this page because Tim said he thought you would like one or two particular acts and suggested you should come here to check them out.

However you got here, please browse around and find out about some of the fine acts that Tim represents. Then, get in touch with him to talk about the acts you saw, how they might fit your vision of your upcoming event, and enjoy the benefits of Tim's long experience with event planning.





DJ Services

All of our DJs are professional, personable, and presentable, but we will work with you to help you choose the DJ who is best for the mix of guests you will have and the music format you want for your event. Our DJs range from those who are high-energy acts all by themselves to others who are low key and like to perform in a more muted, background role.

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