Ivory & Steel: Burt Kimberl and Cal Stewart

If "variety" or "variety-plus" describes other musically diverse bands, then a new phrase is needed for Ivory & Steel. In addition to hits from the 30s to the present — including country, rock, rhythm and blues, jazz, dixieland, and swing — Ivory & Steel offer up polished versions of the intriguing songs and rhythms of the Caribbean: the calypso/socca, bossa nova, reggae, meringue, cha-cha, and more. If that's not enough, there is more. This talented duo can also deliver traditional polkas, beautiful Hawaiian songs, and irresistable Louisiana Zydeco tunes.


Burt plays the sax and keyboards with a multitude of sounds that have been expertly coordinated by Burt and/or Cal with custom computer sequencing. Burt also has the unique capability to change his voice so he can sing all styles and be at ease in each.


Cal injects Caribbean steel drums tastefully into all styles of music, sometimes as a subtle accompaniment, and sometimes as an enchanting solo. To add even more dimension, Cal also performs on flute and trumpet.

Audio Samples

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